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budynek Auli Wydziału Zarządzania PCz.
sala WZ-9
Al. Armii Krajowej 19 B
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e-mail: rekrut@zim.pcz.pl

tel. 34 32 50 862 (w godzinach dyżurów)
tel. 34 32 50 422 (w godzinach dyżurów)


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W terminie 17.07-31.07.2017
Od poniedziałku do piątku
w godz. 9.00-16.00
Soboty w godz.  9.00-11.00

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Studia prowadzone w języku angielskim

Graduate programmes of study – Master’s degree supplementary studies (Level II)


A graduate of level II management has the management skills necessary to manage a small to medium-sized manufacturing/service company as well as units of government administration and local government. At the same time the students obtain knowledge in the areas of economics, accounting and finance, marketing and Public Relations, which allows them to independently assess the financial position of a company and to take care of its further development, while shaping the company’s external image in cooperation with the media.

Graduates are employed in positions of operational, analytical, middle and senior management in manufacturing and service companies, business units and local government, agencies, consulting and non-profit institutions, and in the areas of banking. They also gain vocational training to run their own business. Masters courses are also open to graduates from other fields of economic sciences and those outside them. Graduates are prepared to undertake research work.

Duration of studies: 4 semesters (2 years) – full-time or part-time